Turtle Flower Pot Holder

Everyone can use a breath of fresh air. Part of the reason we keep plants indoors is for the benefits – cycling through our carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen, the healing qualities of agave and aloe vera, etc. While the plants themselves need no decorations or specific protection, the pots holding them can be plain and boring, fragile, and inadequate. Here, then, is an option for upping the cute factor of your succulents: the “World Turtle” Succulent Pot Holder Crochet Kit.

The Crochet Kit is labeled as a “Level 1” project, which means anyone from a beginner to an advanced crocheter will be able to make this adorable turtle. The kit itself contains the instructions as well as the yarn you’ll need for the project, though you will have to provide the following:

  • 9mm crochet hook
  • A pair of scissors
  • A large eye blunt needle
  • Poly fiberfill
  • Safety eyes (size 12mm)
  • Pot (3 1/2″)

These can easily be found at the local mart or craft store. This project is great for travel (leave the pot at home), and can be taken anywhere you’ll have a few minutes to sit and stitch, such as the doctor’s office, the bank, or school. Once you’ve made one, you’re probably going to want to make more, and once you buy the kit, you have the pattern forever, so you can experiment with different colors of yarn from your stash, or even other materials such as cord, hemp, ribbon, etc. You can also use buttons or embroidery in place of the safety eyes. Using different materials for the pot holder will increase or decrease the size, however, so be sure you choose a crochet hook that is an appropriate size.

The plant holder would make a superb present for the succulent lover in your life, or you could make up a bunch of these and sell them online or at a craft fair.

If you’re the type of crafter who doesn’t want a large yarn stash to infringe upon other arts and crafts activities, you can purchase the kit here.