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This Crochet Crown (Free Pattern)

Make This Crown For Your Little Prince or Princess

When I was little, I attended both tap and ballet classes. My first acting and modeling jobs were when I was six and seven. And whenever we wanted dress up clothes, my mother would get to her sewing machine and add a few more costumes to the trunk. I grew up pretending I was a knight, a pirate, a queen, a detective, and a dog, among other things. One of my favorite accessories, whatever I was playing at, was a pink, glittery tiara that fit just right.

My mom didn’t crochet or knit a lot earlier in my childhood, but if she had, she would have definitely gotten a kick out of this crochet crown and wand. Gifted to a small child, these are made for becoming royalty, fairies, or any number of fairytale creatures and characters. Little boys and girls will love having these soft, comfy accessories in their dress-up box.

Of course, you don’t have to be a kid to wear these. These can be made in bulk for a bridal party, for a generational picture, or for birthdays and special anniversaries. Everybody deserves to feel special and this crown and wand will accomplish that while becoming a beloved keepsake.

Yarnspiration has a free pattern for the crown and wand, complete with pictures, details, and instructions. The pattern is marked as easy, as the only stitches you’ll need to know to make these crocheted crowns are: single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tc), slip stitch (sl st), and picot (the pattern explains it, and it’s actually a very easy stitch to learn). There is also a walk-through if you want to learn the adjustable ring method. I’d recommend this for any level of crocheter. Even if you’re new to crochet, all these stitches are easy enough to pick up from watching crochet stitch tutorials on YouTube. If you’d rather read instructions on how to make each stitch, there are stitch guides available online as well.

To make a crown and wand or scepter for your favorite prince or princess, you’ll need to collect the following materials: 3 oz. of yarn (the pattern suggests using something like Simply Soft Party), sizes “G” and “H” crochet hooks, a stitch holder (you can also use safety pins if you haven’t got a stitch holder), a yarn needle, beads, a dowel, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and a pair of craft scissors.

You can forego the beads on the crown and wand/scepter if you like, or you can add buttons in lieu of beads. The glue gun and glue sticks are used to assemble the wand/scepter, so if you’re only making the crown, you needn’t include those materials. You can use any color to make these, whether you choose to make them the same color or similar shades, or if you use variegated yarn, or pastels, earth tones, or bold colors. You can also add ribbon or lace to make them extra fancy.

Want to make your royal court some accessories they can use to rule their world? You can find the free pattern at Yarnspirations.

Chair Leg Socks (Free Crochet Pattern)

Tired of having your chairs scrape up your floors? Aggravated that the felt stoppers you put on keep peeling off? Don’t like the look of rubber stoppers? Not to worry, Crochet Bug has just the thing – a simple, easy fix to making sure your floor remains scratch free – chair leg socks. You can match the color of the chair, you can try out bright or pastel colors, or you can switch up the colors to reflect specific holidays.

The pattern calls for the following: a 3.75mm crochet hook, Red Heart Super Saver yarn (in whatever color or colors you choose), a yarn needle, scissors, and a removable stitch marker. You will also need to make sure that you are crocheting the correct gauge. The pattern notes that if you crochet loosely, you should be fine using the 3.75mm crochet hook, but if you crochet a tight stitch, you might need to try going up a size or two in order to make sure the socks are the right fit for your chairs.

Chair socks are crocheted in continuous rounds but instead of joining them every round you’ll be using the stitch marker to keep track of where the rounds end.┬áThe pattern is simple enough, using just the following stitches: single crochet (sc), single crochet two stitches together (sc2tog), slip stitch (sl st), and chain (ch).

The end result are chair leg socks that will protect either your chair feet or the floor from getting damaged. (If you have more delicate patio chairs, the socks may be crocheted with alternative materials that will withstand weather and prevent the chairs from being damaged by the patio floor)

If you’ve got chairs that need some leg socks and want to try your hand at crafting your own, you can find the free Chair Leg Socks crochet pattern at Crochet Bug. You can also see the finished product here.