Crafting Supplies

NOTE: Gingher 8 inch scissors just went on sale for 50% off. That’s like $20 instead of $40. We bought ours from Amazon a few months ago for $40 and they’re so good. Of course, they’re Ginghers. Anyway, if anyone is needing scissors it’s a chance to get them at a score:

Most people on this site already have plenty of crafting supplies at home! But just in case, we thought we’d put together a list of supplies with easy clickable links, mostly to Amazon because we like their shipping speed and return policy (as well as free shipping with Prime – click here if you don’t already have Prime), and then it can be an easy reference or shopping directory for everyone:

(We’ll add more things in the next few days!!)

Crochet Hooks!

Crochet Yarn

Seed Beads