Duck Feet Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Looking for a unique gift or accessory for a new baby? One of the cutest things besides a human baby is an animal baby, like a duckling. We thought these knitted duck feet booties were an adorable way to welcome a new baby into your life, especially if you or the intended recipients love being outdoors in the sunshine splashing in puddles or feeding the ducks at the pond in the park. These knit up pretty quickly and can be made in a variety of colors or even embroidered with details. Get creative with sequins, feathers, and variegated yarn.

To make a pair of these duckling booties, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Sock yarn (1 skein unless you’re doing a few different colors)
  • Circular knitting needles (the size will be determined by your gauge – the pattern calls for #2, 24″ circulars)
  • A pair of double pointed needles (see above – the pattern calls for #2 size)
  • A crochet hook (close in size to the #2’s)
  • Small stitch holders/markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Elastic (optional)

You will also need to be familiar with the following knitting terminology:

  • Magic cast on
  • Knit (k)
  • Purl (p)
  • Yarn over (yo)
  • Turkish cast on

It is noted that this pattern is for infants, babies from 3-9 months who are not walking or learning to walk. There is a variation of the pattern for walking toddlers (the link is included in this free pattern), if you have a kid who wants duck booties but needs them to be able to handle some wear and tear. These booties are made in sections, starting at the center point and working out to the webbing and toes. You can decide whether to use elastic at the top to help keep the booties on, or you can substitute a little chain and button fastener, ribbon, or simply roll down the tops for an even cuter, snugglier look. These would also be a great accessory for a Halloween costume.

Ready to get started on these booties for the new duckling in your life? You can find the pattern by visiting this site.