Knitted Animals and Things – These Are Amazing!

Knitted Mouse and Other Animals

Do you ever find yourself falling down a rabbit hole on Pinterest or Ravelry and discovering a new artist? That’s what happened with us when we found the work of Claire Garland of Dot Pebbles — her work is unique and charming, and not only does she create these beautiful little creatures, she shares free patterns for them as well so you can join her on her journey to populate the world with tiny, snuggly critters.

What we loved most about Claire Garland’s work, however, is that it is reminiscent of all the fairytales and children’s stories we read growing up. There are bunnies that look like the protagonists from Beatrix Potter stories, owls and foxes that appear to have sprung right out of the Chronicles of Narnia, and deer that recall to mind the story of Bambi. If you’ve ever looked longingly at old stuffed toys or favorite stories from the past, it might be time to revisit those happy childhood memories with a plushie companion of your own. These would also make excellent birthday or holiday gifts for youngsters and even old-timers, especially if paired with an appropriate book.

The newest free pattern from Claire is a pheasant, which took beautifully to multicolored yarn. There are also patterns for foods (yams, easter eggs, and cupcakes are some of the recent offerings) and dolls. You can sign up for Claire’s bi-monthly newsletter to receive notice of new patterns, and you can follow her on Pinterest for more ideas. If you’d rather purchase something from her, you can visit her Etsy store. All linksĀ  to social media and free patterns and tutorials are provided on her website. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at knitting, these small projects are perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced knitters, so don’t be afraid to try, or even put your own spin on Claire’s patterns!

Interested in learning more about Claire Garland’s knitwork? You can find a gallery of gorgeous photos detailing her life’s work at her website here.