DIY Door Tassels

DIY Door Tassels

Do you pore over home decor magazines wishing you had enough time and resources to decorate your space exactly as you please? Even if you don’t have a lot of either, you can still spruce up your home and make it look a little more luxurious with touches like scarves and tassels. The Sugar & Cloth blog has a superb post about how to make easy DIY door tassels for yourself, cutting the time needed as well as resources available down to a minimum. If you’re interested in upgrading your doors with a pinch of color and magnificent texture, you may want to gather up the following materials and follow Sugar & Cloth’s lead:

  • Jumbo cotton roping
  • Cotton string flossing
  • Scissors
  • Marker

That’s it – just four components for a bit of pizzazz to add to your exits and entrances. You won’t even have to tangle with creating a tassel from scratch, because Sugar & Cloth have discovered a secret: binding the rope together in a loop allows for the ends of the rope to be unwound, which then provides the tassel texture. You can buy rope and cotton in an array of colors, personalizing each door tassel for your family and house guests. (These are also easy to wash since they’re cotton, though of course be careful and use a damp cloth instead of tossing them in the wash!)

It’s as simple as making a loop with the cotton roping (ensuring that it fits around the doorknob, of course), wrapping it with the floss, and then unwrapping the ends of the rope and fluffing the fibers to make that perfect tassel. There are ways to spice up the door tassel even further, such as ribbon, various types of knots, buttons, beads, fabric, lace, and charms. Use your imagination and explore all the different ways to create your own version of Sugar & Cloth’s DIY Door Tassel.

If you’d like to follow their DIY tutorial, you can find it at the Sugar & Cloth website. You may want to bookmark their site for future DIY and craft tutorials.