Easy Beading Tutorial for Beginners – Free

Easy Beading Pattern for Beginners - Free

Whether your a beading expert who just wants something fun and easy to do in a few minutes, or a beginner who really needs a simple beading tutorial (and a free beading tutorial) or they will just be overwhelmed, this beaded ring will definitely do the trick! For most beaders, each bead ring will take about 10 minutes to make, and they take very minimal materials!

All you need for these beaded rings are: Your thread plus one needle; then you add your beads in this pattern: 1 gold, 2 white, 2 gold, 2 white, 1 gold (or you might be using different colors, too).

Once you have one set of these beads, you loop them and tie them, and then cut off your excess string.

Then you feed your needle through half of your beads (4 beads), string an additional 4 beads, and then push your needle back through the same place you just did, thereby making a second “loop.” You now see how this ring proceeds. You just keep going until the ring fits around your finger. You can also keep going to make a beaded bracelet instead of a ring! This picture explains it:

At the end, you feed your needle back through the other end of the ring (through 4 beads), tie it off, and cut off the excess. Easy beading pattern for beginners for sure. This pattern is by Beading Tutorials. You can watch a video of  them making one here: