Fabric Bead Earrings – Free Pattern

Fabric Bead Earrings - Free Pattern

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for learning something new, especially if it involves crafts or beads. And this project does both! It’s a fabric bead earring set you can make yourself, and it’s not too hard. Try it…

In this case, Thriftanista used beautiful African print fabrics (Ankara Prints) because that’s one of her favs. And those are amazing bright colors, but of course everyone will want to use the fabric pattern they like best for their fabric bead earrings.

You can make these to any length, from as long as she did (or LONGER) to very short little pieces of fabric bead.

Materials You’ll Need:
fabric scraps
end caps
earring hooks
spray adhesive
all purpose adhesive

You cut triangles out of the fabric, then spray them with spray adhesive, then roll them up. Then you add adhesive (glue) to the tops and put the caps on. Your caps already have your earring wires, or you can thread some through. For more of this pattern or more from Thriftanista, click here.