Beaded Bracelet – Free Pattern

Beaded Bracelet - Free Pattern

A beaded bracelet is a great way to practice beading in a way that your friends get a chance to see what you’re working on, because you can wear it around after, and you can also show off a bit of your own personal style because of the colors and patterns you pick. A beaded bracelet like this one is so easy, even kids can make them as DIY at home projects. All you need for materials is any old seed beads, a needle and thread.

How to make beaded bracelets like this: 6 beads forms the first flower. From that, you pass the thread through the center and add another color for the flower’s center, then go back through one of the flower pedals and attach another round flower, which takes 4 more beads (it uses 2 from the previous flower for a total of 6 beads). So you follow this 6, 1, 4, 1, 4, 1, 4, 1, 4, 1, 4 … until you have the desired length for your beaded bracelet. These cutes bracelets were made by Jennifer VanBenschoten of Spruce Crafts in this way. See this and more of her work here, and to see the other variation, with 8 petals, its by Sandra Halpenny and you can see her work here. And the slightly more complicated one is called “Potawatomi Daisy Chain” by Inspirational Beading (here).