Creative Flower Ideas

Flowers spilling out of buckets, by design

Living bouquets in your garden, and creative presentations. Here are some ideas for how to grow either a single species of flower or a combination and how to arrange them to make them look like they’re spilling out, or in some cases, being squeezed or dumped out, of vessels like flower pots, vases, wheelbarrows,

At first it just looks like a clay flower pot is tipped over, but then you notice, it’s an arrangement of living flowers. Same thing with a steel-ribbon bound wooden bucket. It’s positioned beside a tree stump so it looks like it has already fallen off that stump where someone set it, and the flowers have all spilled out. Sometimes it’s just a clay pot that’s tipped to its side to let the flowers (that are growing inside the pot and outside on the ground) tip out.

These have been done with small bunches of flowers — like the tipped water pitcher — and big bunches — like the orange cart that is a large garden of various flowers.

In some cases, the gardener has taken it to a creative step: there’s one where a paint tube (which looks like it might have been created with steel sheeting and painted) has been squeezed and a thin line of same-color-as-the-paint-tube flowers has been pushed out — only there is actually a curved flower bed under those flowers.

What can you come up with?