Beading Pattern for Earrings – Free

Beading Pattern for Earrings - Free

Here’s a beading pattern for some really beautiful triangle beaded earrings using seed beads combined with pearl beads. All you need beside that is your thread and earring accessories.  What you need for these beaded earrings:

6x 6mm round beads, 36 x Size 8 (s8) seed beads, 0.25mm thread, 2 x 5mm jump rings, and 2 x fishhook earrings. Not a big list!

Emma at Make and Fable recommends using a thread that isn’t too floppy because it will be harder to work with on these ones.

You start by threading 3 pearl and 3 seed beads (alternating), and then pass your need back trough the first seed bead you used, creating your first loop. Then thread 3 more seed beads and back through the same, so you have a clover leaf pattern of seed beads now too. Now pass through a pearl bead and the next seed bead and do another clover leaf pattern. Then add on more seed bead beside each pearl, and pass through the pearls, all the way around. Finally, attach your earring hooks. For more about this beaded triangle earrings pattern and more from Emma at Make and Fable, click here.