This Crochet Beanie Is Brimful With Cool (free pattern)

Beanie With Brim

I remember when the beanie with a brim became popular. I wanted one so badly, but I wasn’t able to get one until college, and by then the fad had died down. Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I discovered that these hats are making a comeback! I’ve spotted them in stores from Wal-Mart to REI, and I’m thrilled because now I can finally wear one and be in style. Of course, now that I’m able to knit and crochet, I’ve been scouring the internet for patterns and instead of purchasing one, I can crochet one in a few hours and customize it to my tastes.

Where I live we have a lot of cold weather, so a hat like this is perfect for stepping outside, whether it’s to run errands or go on a winter hike. The beanie part will keep your head warm, and the visor will help shield your eyes from the sun, which can be exceptionally bright in the wintertime, especially when it snows. Pair it with a cozy sweater, light jacket, or a scarf and you will be warm in any weather.

To make your own beanie with a brim, you’ll need the following supplies: one skein of yarn (the pattern suggests using Red Heart “Soft Yarn” but you can use any 4-weight yarn), a size “H” crochet hook, scissors, a tapestry needle, stitch markers, and either heavy interfacing or plastic for the brim. If you decide to forego those, the brim will be floppy. You will also want to check your gauge to ensure that the hat will be the right fit. A row of sixteen single crochet stitches should equal four inches. The only stitches needed are chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), and double crochet (dc). Remember to use stitch markers and to ensure that you are crocheting on the correct side, whether it’s “Right Side” (RS) or “Wrong Side” (WS).

This pattern is marked “Easy” which means it’s perfect for beginners and intermediate crocheters. It doesn’t take very long (a few hours at most) and would make a great present for family members and friends, especially those who love winter activities like sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. It’s a snug fit which means it won’t get lost easily, and unique enough that they won’t lose it in a jumble of snow-ridden clothes. You can also customize it by adding buttons to the sides of the brim, or a ribbon or strip of leather where brim meets beanie, or you can use variegated yarn to make it multicolored. You can also make a scarf, boot cuffs, or fingerless gloves to make a matching set.

Does this sound like the perfect hat for you or someone you know? If you’d like to make one or more of these stylish beanies, you can find the free pattern over at If you download the free pattern (which comes with a few pictures along with the written instructions), you will receive a 15% off coupon on your next online purchase — just remember to write down the code they provide.

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