Beaded Bracelet – Free Patterns

Beaded Bracelet - Free Pattern

If you’re looking for a beaded bracelet pattern today that’s a bit out of the ordinary, we’re here to share a few from crafters around the web who’ve come up with (or shared in turn) some unique and unusual beaded bracelet patterns they’ve made free for netizens.

The first hearts pattern is a really effective Potawatomi daisy chain taken to a slightly more advanced level than the simple flower daisy chain beaded bracelets you might have seen around. The other hearts pattern with green and pink beads, is by Molly Zhou at Panda Hall. The bracelet with flowers but also straight bulge beads in blue is also by Molly. The pearly white and pink one is by (I’m pretty sure) Bead Jewelry Kits UK (couldn’t find a link for their site, so maybe its no longer maintained, so here’s the pattern diagram -> Beaded Bracelet - Free Pattern) , and the red and gold diamonds one is by Panda Hall Elite Craft Ideas.

The red and white heart beaded braceletMolly Zhou’s braceletsPanda Hall Crafts