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Granny Square Crochet (Free Pattern)

Crafts February 25, 2017

Granny Square Crochet (Free Pattern)

Though at first it might appear that we’ve reached back into the 1960’s and 1970’s for pattern inspiration, the Granny Square has become even more popular these days, with endless variations to suit every crocheter. There are dozens of ways to use them now, as well, instead of merely assembling them for yet another blanket or rug. There are patterns for vests, book covers, hot pads, bags, scarves, sweaters, shawls, and casserole covers. Which is why it might be time to try these squares once again and find a new use for them.

The Free Granny Square Crochet project results in a solid granny square that can be used by itself or combined with other squares (either this same pattern or any other crochet pattern) to make a variety of items. It’s up to you how you’d like to use them. Please note: each square measures about 5″ x 5″.

For this project, all you’ll need is a corresponding hook and yarn size. The pattern suggests using a 3.5mm crochet hook and a 3-ply yarn (linen suggested). You’ll also need to know the following stitches: chain (ch), stitch (st), slip stitch (sl st), slip knot (sl knot), double crochet (dc), triple or treble crochet (tr), and fasten off (fo).

If you start reading the pattern and feel your eyes glazing over, take heart – there are plenty of photos to follow along with and further instructions with each of them to prevent an overload of information. If you’re interested in joining your squares together after completion, there’s a link provided to another blog post that shows you a dozen different ways you can join your granny squares together.

Granny squares are a great project for anyone who needs to bust up a stash or who wants to experiment with coloring, stitches, and texture. They’re a useful piece of crochet knowledge to know, and with all the free patterns available, you can quickly whip up a gorgeous blanket full of unique granny squares.

If you’d like to try this Solid Granny Square for yourself, the photo tutorial and link to joining squares are available at Craft Passion.

Granny Square Crochet (Free Pattern)

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Braided Crochet Hat

Crafts February 25, 2017

Braided Crochet Hat

There are only so many simple variations on crochet hats. The beginner patterns may vary things occasionally with stripes or easy stitches, but eventually you’ll want to branch out, go up a level, and try something new. We found just the thing – this Braided Crochet Hat in bold, bright colors.

The braided hat uses the puff stitch and varied colors to create a unique, thick texture that holds up well against cold weather. You’ll want to choose contrasting colors or complementary colors to make this really pop, but you could also choose similar shades and create an ombre effect if you so desire.

The original post we found contains several how-to photos as well as a chart. If you’re familiar with making crochet hats, it won’t be too difficult to shape your own using the puff stitch. However, if you’d like more information, we also found a Crochet Puff Stitch video tutorial (it’s for a matching scarf, or will help you figure out how to re-create the puff stitch star pattern for your hat) as well as a video tutorial for a Puff Stitch Hat (though it does have a different brim than the pictures shown).

You’ll need to make sure that your needle and yarn create the right gauge. This is easy enough, as you will simply create a few puff stitches to make sure they’re stiff enough to stand up on their own without being too tight. You’ll want to ensure there is some stretch without making them loose and floppy.

This Braided or Puff Stitch is a great addition to your repertoire of crochet stitches, as it can be used for a multitude of items, such as hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, shawls, and even bags. It retains its shape (due to the stiffness of the stitch if you have the right gauge), it’s flexible, and it looks and feels more luxurious than the simple stitches one usually uses as a beginner.

If you want to take the next step and up your crochet game with this beautiful hat, take a look at the Braided Crochet Hat from VK, the Crochet Puff Stitch Loop video tutorial from DIY Ideas – Tutorials – DIY Inspiration, or the Puff Stitch Crochet Hat video tutorial from Esperanza & Ana Celia Rosas

Braided Crochet Hat Braided Crochet Hat

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Crochet Tote Bag (Free Pattern)

Crafts February 25, 2017

Crochet Tote Bag (Free Pattern)

Ever notice that the reusable bags sold by grocery stores just aren’t sturdy enough? You’d have to buy several in order to ensure that none of them broke their flimsy handles any time you put more than a few items inside, and who wants to carry all those bags?

If you’re looking for a solution, we’ve got the answer – this free Crochet Tote Bag pattern from Delia Creates, a tough, sturdy bag that won’t snap on you the moment you decide you need just one more can of tomato sauce for dinner. What’s the secret? It’s created using two strands, which doubles the toughness. Interested in making one or two of these for yourself?

You’ll need the following: 5 skeins of super bulky yarn (suggested: Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick), an “N” size crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Along with these items, you’ll need to know these stitches: chain (ch), stitch (st), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc). With such an easy pattern, you might want to consider making a few of these, especially if you can find a great super bulky yarn on sale.

Before you start making the bag, you’ll probably want to crochet a gauge swatch to ensure that it’s the correct weight and stiffness. Make a 4″ by 4″ square and then count the stitches. You’ll need four rows of seven double crochet stitches. Once that’s confirmed, you can begin creating the tote bag.

Delia Creates provides a clear, easy pattern along with a photo tutorial to ensure that your tote bag comes out perfectly. There are a few notations provided to explain some of the stitching choices, but once you start working up the bag it comes together quite easily.

If this crochet tote bag is what you’ve been looking for, give it a try and see how it holds up compared to the flimsy reusable grocery bags available at the store. You can also use it to house your farmer’s market haul, books from a library trip, or items purchased at yardsales and flea markets. It’s durable enough to withstand plenty of wear.

You can find the free pattern and photo tutorial for this free crochet tote bag at Delia Creates.

Crochet Tote Bag (Free Pattern)

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Fabric Crochet Quilt Is A Perfect Next Project

Crafts February 17, 2017

Fabric Crochet Quilt

If you’ve grown tired of strictly crafting crochet projects and you’re itching to try something new without having to climb up a steep learning curve, how about combining your knowledge of crochet with a new skill – like quilting? A fabric crochet quilt is a perfect next project for someone who enjoys a challenge and wants to build on the skills they already possess.

The Green Dragonfly blog posted several beautiful photos of a crochet-and-fabric quilt and although there isn’t a pattern, there are several tutorials (video and otherwise) that can help you create your own crochet quilt. The Whoot found a nifty tutorial for how to attach crochet edging, and Quilting Board has a photo tutorial with some instructions for how to create each square. You can also find a tutorial for the crochet flowers at Free Crochet Patterns & Designs if you want to attach them to the finished product.

The only crochet stitch you’ll need for the border around the quilt squares is double crochet, and if you’re including edging, you can decide what stitches you like best and use those, or you can find a new stitch via Pinterest. If you’re going to make the flowers, you’ll need to include the following stitches from your repertoire: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc) and magic ring.

Be sure and watch through the tutorial and read the instructions before beginning the project, as you will need quilting supplies (like batting, fabric, thread, needle, and scissors) as well as crochet supplies (a medium-weight yarn looks to be your best bet, and you’ll only need one color and one size hook). You’ll also need a way to keep track of squares (a basket or box should do the trick) and a space in which to align them before sewing them together so you can see the effect of the entire quilt.

If you’d like to try this fabric-and-crochet quilt, you can find the original idea at Green Dragonfly, the photo tutorial at Quilting Board, the crochet flower tutorial from Free Crochet Patterns & Designs and the video tutorial for adding edging at The Whoot.

Fabric Crochet Quilt

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Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)

Crafts February 17, 2017

Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)

“Cops love donuts! Which is an interesting stereotype because you know who else likes donuts? Absolutely everyone.” – Jim Gaffigan

He’s right, you know. Everybody loves a good donut. And though you might limit yourself to just one of these delectable treats, you can make yourself an entire baker’s dozen of these crocheted donuts with no feelings of guilt whatsoever!

These sweet snacks would be perfect for a little one’s playhouse, but there’s plenty of other things you could use them for, such as pincushions, door stoppers, and centerpieces. You can also decorate them with ribbon, beads, lace, buttons, fabric pens, embroidery, and sequins. It’s up to you how tasty you want these donuts to look!

Hello Yellow Yarn has a free crochet pattern you can use to create your own baked goods – you’ll need the following materials to complete the project:

  • Size “E” crochet hook
  • DK yarn (size 3) in a pastry color (color A)
  • DK yarn (size 3) in a color of your choice (color B)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Stuffing

Along with these materials, you’ll need to know the following stitches: chain (ch), stitch (st), slip stitch (sl st), and double crochet (dc), along with fastening off. This pattern is marked “Easy” and is a great way to foray into the world of crochet food and amigurumi projects.

The finished donut(s) will measure approximately 3 inches around, though of course it is noted in the pattern that depending on your yarn and crochet hook, the size could go up or down. (Please note that the pattern is written in US terms)

Along with the free pattern, there are video tutorials on the page in case you have any difficulties putting your donut(s) together. There are also photos in case you need some inspiration for how to decorate your baked goods with various colors of frosting, sprinkles, or glaze.

If you’re craving one of these gorgeous treats, you can find the free crochet pattern over at Hello Yellow Yarn. And if you make a donut or multiples using this pattern, Hello Yellow Yarn has a Facebook page and an Instagram and would love to see your creations (be sure to tag your Instragram photo with #helloyellowyarndonut)!

Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern) Crochet Donuts (Free Pattern)

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Crochet Kitty Camper House Idea

Crafts February 5, 2017

Crochet Kitty Camper House Idea

If you’re looking for a new, cute kitty house, look no further. We’ve found the one. It’s retro, adorable, and small enough that it can be moved and cleaned, and it won’t break the bank either.

The Crochet Kitty Camper by BuddyRumi is a fun, whimsical take on nostalgic pet housing. Instead of having to buy something big, ugly, and plastic, or something that will be destroyed sooner rather than later, why not try this? It’s roomy enough for one cat (although two might want to try squeezing in) and will delight both human and furry visitors alike.

If you want to try making your kitty their own camper, you can purchase the PDF pattern from BuddyRumi on Etsy. You’ll need a few colors of yarn (suggested: white, gray, and blue – but you could also do a cream, green, and silver combo if you want to make it look even more retro), and with all the extra little bonuses like windows, silver airstream strips, and a pop-out striped awning, your furbaby will be living in the lap of luxury.

The PDF pattern can be bought on BuddyRumi’s Etsy and there’s another Etsy page here. You’ll also want to look at the other amigurumi and crochet projects and patterns for sale, especially the other cat houses, like the mushroom, the log, or the cat face.

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Cozy Crochet Pillows (Free Pattern)

Crafts February 5, 2017

Cozy Crochet Pillows (Free Pattern)

I’ve lived in my own space long enough to know that it’s never easy to find the right linens, curtains, or covers. It can take weeks, months, or even (heaven forbid) years to find that one perfect shade for the sofa cover, or the matching set of sheets and cases that you saw that one time on Pinterest. It can be a big headache, which is why the simplest solution is to always make things yourself. It won’t necessarily be as expensive, either, since you can tailor to your budget and talent and time.

If you, like me, have trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, the make-it-yourself option works most of the time. There are dozens of great patterns to suit every decorating need, budget, and style, and one of the easiest projects and patterns to start with are pillow covers.

Of course you can buy handmade pillow covers (and even commission them if you can describe in detail exactly what you want) and there’s no shame in that. If you don’t have the time but prefer that handmade look, this option will work best for you.

But it’s always (at least) just a little more fun to make your own things, so if you’ve got the time, you might want to give these cozy crochet pillow covers a try.

Jo-Ann’s has created several free patterns for various sizes of pillows, with beautiful stitches that work up pretty quickly with thick and bulky yarn. The pattern notes that this is for advanced knitters, mostly because of the special stitches you’ll need to master: double crochet two stitches together (dc2tog) and front post double crochet (fpdc). You’ll also need to be comfortable crocheting with two strands of yarn at a time.

That being said, these patterns are straightforward – basically, you’re crocheting two squares, rectangles or circles and then putting a pillow form inside. The pattern includes specific materials (including the brand of yarn to use) but of course you can try out the pattern and use your own materials or buy something similar (especially if it’s on sale).

You’ll need to do a bit of hand sewing as well, though it is pretty minimal. You can also use a sewing machine if you’d prefer.

If you’d like to purchase pillow covers or find inspiration for creating your own, you can visit Lyly Craft. Or, if you’d like to try one of the free patterns, you can find all of them, as well as other free patterns, at Jo-Ann’s.

Cozy Crochet Pillows (Free Pattern)

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Crochet Remote Holder (Patterns)

Crafts February 5, 2017

Crochet Remote Holder (Patterns)

It’s the eternal, age-old question: where did the remote go? While technology has sprinted past a lot of trouble spots (we don’t have to stay chained to the wall with the phone anymore, for instance), we’re still digging through couch cushions, upending side table drawers, and wracking our brains trying to remember where the remote was last.

Fortunately, where technology has failed us, crochet has proffered a solution: the living room caddy, otherwise known as the organizer and remote holder. If you want everything in its place, then this is the place where the remote goes, and you’ll never have to look for it again.

Of course, you can purchase these remote holders and caddies from Ebay, but where’s the fun in that (unless you need one poste-haste)? You can also find both knit and crochet patterns for purchase from sites like Ravelry – they even make caddies for walkers and recliners, and most are easy enough for the beginner to make.

FitzBirch Crafts has another option: a Loom Knit Remote Caddy that you can customize to the size and specifications of your own remote. If you’d like to try out this option, you’ll need a Long Loom Knitter and a few balls of yarn (any type of yarn can be used, though the pattern suggests using something like wool in a variegated pattern), along with some scissors, a sewing needle, and thread.

If you’ve never used a Long Loom Knitter, FitzBirch Crafts has you covered with a video tutorial of how to use it. If you enjoy using it, FitzBirch has several other knit loom projects you can try, such as a scarf, leg warmers, or market bag. Once you’ve gotten the hang of loom knitting, it’s simple enough to create a piece and then sew it up in any way you like.

Ebay sellers have plenty of options for you to purchase if you’d like to forego the crafting experience, or if you want to purchase a pattern, you can find several at Ravelry.

Find the free loom knitting remote caddy pattern at FitzBirch Crafts, and if you want to keep up with their free patterns, follow them on Facebook as well.

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Crochet Mason Jar Cover (Free Pattern)

Crafts February 5, 2017

Crochet Mason Jar Cover (Free Pattern)

If you browse through Pinterest or DIY blogs on the internet or even cooking tutorials on YouTube, you know about the love people have for glass jars. You might even feel the same way. Glass jars are relatively cheap and incredibly versatile. They’re used for pickling and preserves, as vases, organizers, and drinking glasses. They’re spruced up to become centerpieces or dressed down for casual cocktails.

Glass jars are also used as candle holders, and with this free mason jar cover crochet pattern, you can combine your love of both glass and crochet to make a beautiful nightlight to take outside for a night on the porch or deck, or take it inside for a cozy evening.

Little Monkeys Crochet has crafted an elegant free jar cover pattern for two sizes of mason jars, the 32oz and 16oz, respectively. To make either of these, you’ll need light cotton yarn (suggested: Sinfonia) and a 5mm crochet hook. Please note that the patterns use American Standard terminology and that they are both crocheted in a seamless round, which means you’ll need to use stitch markers to mark your rounds. Although this might seem a little intimidating, the patterns are labeled “Easy” and come with lots of photos to help you through. The only stitches you’ll need to know are Magic Ring, single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), and half double crochet (hdc).

Love Crochet has also created a free jar cover pattern for the express purpose of turning jars into nightlight holders, but with a more standard crochet stitch pattern that adapts easily to any size of jar you might have on hand. The pattern calls for a 2.5mm crochet hook and cotton yarn (suggested: Rico Essentials Cotton DK), along with some ribbon to tie around the top to fit snugly around the opening. Please note that the pattern uses UK terminology. You’ll need to know the following stitches: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), double crochet (dc), blo (back loop only), treble crochet (tr), and half treble crochet (htr). Love Crochet’s pattern uses multiple colors, so you’ll need a few different yarns, or you can use a variegated yarn.

Whichever pattern you choose to use (you can always experiment with both), the end result is a unique, beautiful cover for glass jars that you can use all spring and summer while you sit outside enjoying the cool breeze as you wait for the stars to appear.

If you’d like to try making your own nightlight covers, you can find the patterns at Little Monkeys Crochet and Love Crochet. You can also follow them on various social media sites or directly on their blogs, if you prefer. Be sure to check out their other free patterns as well.5

Crochet Mason Jar Cover (Free Pattern) Crochet Mason Jar Cover (Free Pattern)

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Crochet Body Scrubber Knitlon (Free Patterns)

Crafts February 5, 2017

Crochet Body Scrubber (Free Patterns)

There are plenty of unconventional materials used to crochet, such as rope, wire, and t-shirts, but oftentimes to use these items you have to prep them yourself, which can be a bother. With the rise of creative uses for crochet and the need for more unconventional materials, however, there has been an upswing in new types of acrylic yarns, such as Knitlon, which is made up of 100% nylon knitting ribbon. What’s that mean? Simply put, it’s an already woven ribbon made up of nylon, useful for weaving, knitting, and crochet. A bonus side effect to using nylon means it dries quickly, which makes it perfect for the following crochet body scrubber, unlike some conventional materials such as wool (and even cotton, which takes longer to dry).

FitzBirch Crafts has created a free crochet pattern for you to make your own personal scrubbies using Knitlon, and it’s a perfect project for a beginner, since it only requires the use of three stitches: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), and double crochet (dc).

You’ll need some Knitlon in your color of choice (pastels are always a good option) and a 5.5mm crochet hook, plus some scissors to complete this project. The result is a cute bathroom scrubbie perfect for the guest bath, or as part of a gift basket, or as a little treat for yourself. With how quickly these work up, you could make several in no time.

If you’re interested in trying out this free pattern, you can find it at FitzBirch Crafts. Check out their other free patterns as well – they’ve got everything from clothing (wraps, shawls & scarves), to accessories (hair comb, brooch), to housewares (covers, table mats, etc.) and more. You can also find and follow them on their various social media pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Ravelry.

Crochet Body Scrubber (Free Patterns)

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