Tiny Lightbulb Recycles into a Tiny Vase

Tiny Lightbulb Recycles into a Tiny Vase

We’ve all been there – staring at a pile of Christmas lights, wondering what to do with the bulbs that no longer work. We feel bad for throwing them out, but what else can we do? What can we use it for other than its intended purpose? Fortunately, the internet and its denizens have found plenty of ways to utilize these little lights, but our favorite is turning it into a growing space for tiny plants.

If you live in a small space but still want green, growing things, you may want to consider air plants, succulents, or even herbs. They can grow in windowsills, on a back porch or patio, and even in a corner with the proper lighting. If you have a window in your office that brings in natural light, you can also keep plants at work, provided no one is allergic.

You could decorate a backyard, a clothesline, a shelf, or railing with these Christmas light bulbs filled with minuscule growing things.Sound like something you’d be interested in trying? All you need is a light bulb, water, a plant cutting, and something with which to hang the bulb (you can use chain, twine, cord, etc., as long as it is heavy enough to be secure but not tight enough to shatter the bulb).

You’ll want to research the type of plant you want (some can grow in just water, such as mint, basil, and oregano, or begonias and ivy), then fill the bulb with water, and finally, allow your plant to slip into its new home.

Recycle Nation has a fascinating article about ten different ways to use leftover lightbulbs to grow your own herb garden, succulents, and even carnivorous plants. Whether you’re looking for a companion plant for your workspace, herbs to spice things up in the kitchen, or a new hobby, the next time you find a used lightbulb, don’t throw it out – it can become your own little secret garden.