Simple Crochet Pattern for Slippers (Free)

Simple Crochet Pattern for Slippers (Free)

Who doesn’t love buying new yarn? There’s such a wide realm of possibilities for what it a craft could become just based on the type and color of yarn used, right? I purchased some striped yarn the other day and it sat around for a few days while I tried to figure out what I wanted to create. It was too thick to make leg warmers out of, and not bulky enough for a blanket, but finally I hit upon the idea of slippers. With an easy pattern like the one from Lisa Jeannine, slippers come together quickly, and with the right yarn, they’re perfectly cozy and comfortable.

To make your own pair of incredibly cozy slippers, you’ll need to know the following stitches:

  • Chain (ch)
  • Magic circle (there’s a video tutorial embedded in case anyone needs a refresher)
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Crocheting in the round
  • Single crochet (sc)

You’ll also need yarn, a crochet hook, a pair of scissors, and a tapestry needle. Do make sure that your hook and yarn are comparable sizes, as you want close stitches. The pattern from Lisa Jeannine recommends using Bernat Blanket Yarn and a size “N” crochet hook (9mm). This means the slippers will come together very quickly, but if you use a smaller yarn and hook, the slippers will take a little more time to complete.

This pattern is a little different in that you won’t be chaining and joining rows. Instead, you’ll be crocheting in the round, measuring as you go to ensure a perfect fit. You can use the same yarn for both the slipper and the opening, or you can use contrasting or complementary colors and textures. I prefer crocheting with one ball of yarn, and doing a few more rounds to fold down around my ankles, which makes these more like slipper socks. Another nice thing about these slippers? They’re stretchy, so even though the pattern covers just three sizes for women (7.5, 8 and 8.5), the pattern is adjustable enough (and the yarn stretchy enough) to fit almost everyone.

If you’re interested in making your own pair of slippers, or want to make some as a gift, you can find the complete free pattern along with photos at Lisa Jeannine.

Simple Crochet Pattern for Slippers (Free)

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