How to Crochet a Triceratops (Free Pattern)

Crochet amigu Animals

Amigurumi is everywhere now, but this particular amigurumi critter caught our attention for its cuteness, as well as its ease of making.

What’s involved:

Materials-wise, you will need:
Yarn (Worsted Weight) in two colors at least
Hook (G6/4.00mm)
Plastic Saftey Bead Eyes (6mm+)

And you’ll be using the following stitches:
– Ch : Chain stitch
– St : Stitch
– : Slip Stitch
– Sc : Single Crochet
– Dec/Inc : Decrease/Increase
– InvDec : Invisible Decrease
– BLO : Back Loops Only
– FLO : Front Loops Only
– M.p : Mini Picot (Ch 2, working in the BLO of the 2nd ch from the hook, 1)
– Bo : Bobble Stitch

Overall process conception:

You start with the tip of the crochet creature’s nose, and work backwards – at first it’s a lot like making a hackey-sack. Then at the neck area, you branch off and make that crown, at which point you use your second color for the nose and horns. Then you go back to the body and work back to the tail, and add your stuffing before closing it up. The full pattern is available free from Club Crochet.

crochet animal

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