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Cute Kerchief Top Crochet (Free Pattern)

Crochet February 7, 2018

You’ll Tank Us For This Cute Kerchief Top Find

I’m not typically a summer person. I prefer autumn, when I can bundle up in a sweater and enjoy wearing accessories like beanies, scarves, and gloves. However, over the years I’ve added to the list of what I like about summer. While I dislike the heat, I do enjoy lying in a hammock, attending cookouts, and swimming. All of those things are made better by having something cute and comfy to wear, and I don’t have that many summer clothes. Just a lot of t-shirts. So I decided to find something I could make to wear this summer, and I think I’ve found my new favorite — the Kanata Kerchief Tank Top from Jennifer Ozses.

It’s one of those patterns where the end result is stunning and people gush over how long it must have taken, or how complicated it might have been, and you just smile because you didn’t have to spend weeks or a lot of money to create this beautiful summer top. It’s very simple, requiring four squares and then seaming them together and adding edging. Easy, right? Bonus, the free pattern comes with instructions on how to alter to fit you perfectly, and it doesn’t matter what your gauge is, since you can add or subtract rows to suit your needs.

The stitches you’ll need to know to make the Kanata Kerchief Tank Top are skip (sk), chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), and double crochet (dc). These stitches should be known to all levels of crocheters, and I believe with a little patience and determination, beginner crocheters could take this project on. And whether you like graphs or written instructions, Jennifer has you covered, since the free pattern PDF she wrote contains both.

It does start with a magic circle, so if you’re not familiar with that, you can easily find help online through video tutorials on YouTube. It doesn’t take that long to learn and is a technique used a lot in the crochet world, so it’s a good thing to learn early on if possible.

Once you’ve crocheted four squares, you’ll assemble them and seam them together, thus creating the “kerchief” look. You’ll be adding on straps and embellishments, and then, if you like, you can block the entire tank. It’s optional, so don’t feel pressured if you haven’t blocked something before. If you’d like to learn how to block, go back to YouTube and watch a few people go through the process.

The end result is a sweet, summery tank you can wear to pool parties, nights at the drive-in, cookouts, and more. It would also make a great gift for a teen, or for sisters, cousins, and friends. You can use whatever colors they prefer, and if you want, you can add on to the tank and make it more unique by including buttons, lace, ribbon, sequins, or beads. You can also pair it with a long sleeve tee for cooler weather, or put it on top of a bathing suit when you get out of the pool.

Want to include the Kanata Kerchief Tank in your summer wardrobe? You can access the free PDF pattern from Jennifer Ozses on Ravelry.

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