How to bead weave a bracelet

How to bead weave a bracelet

Beading projects come in all shapes and sizes, and some are very very easy while others are things beginners might not even want to try! But a simple bead weave is not one of those. Any beading crafter can set up a little bead loom and make a bracelet like this.

The best part is that the beaded bracelet isn’t the only DIY thing involved. Although you can buy bead looms, many people make their own loom as well. You can find tons of designs out there. Here’s one made by Holly Mann.

Here’s a the materials and some photos, which will give you an idea of whether this project is for you, and for complete instructions you can head over to Mrs. Mann’s directions.

Making a DIY Beading Loom

  1. Piece of scrap wood
  2. Two small pieces of wood
  3. Two bolts
  4. Six eye-rings or eye-bolts & a couple of screws

Making a Beaded Bracelet Weave-style (these are Holly’s suggestions, but you can modify the sizes of needles and beads a lot)

  1. Seed beads
  2. Thread – 0.006in or 0.15mm
  3. Needles – size 10-13
  4. Scissors & round-nose pliers
  5. Glue
  6. Clasps