Macrame Stone Necklaces and Bracelets (Free Tutorials)

Macrame Stone Necklaces and Bracelets (Free Tutorials)

There are always those trends that seem to be stuck in the past – no matter how many times they resurface under another guise, they don’t appear to travel well into future decades. There are those things, however, that do end up coming around again because there’s a timeless quality about them that draws us to them. The general consensus is that macrame is one of those things that has become popular again, albeit through various other forms than its original intended use for plant holders and the like.

Macrame is a popular craft because it’s inexpensive, easy to do (both at home and while traveling) can be used for a myriad of projects, and the material comes in a bunch of different colors allowing for customization, coordination, and in conjunction with other craft projects. Whether you remember it from when you were a child or have yet to try it, macrame is fun for everyone.

If you want to revisit (or join the club) macrame, you can start small with something like these wrapped stone necklaces and bracelets. There are a wide array of tutorials available, from for-purchase patterns available on Etsy, to YouTube video tutorials, to blogs such as Curly Made, and EcoCrafta, ranging from easy beginner patterns to more advanced projects that will test newbies but be welcome challenges for those more acquainted with the craft.

When purchasing or gathering macrame materials, it can be fun to try out different products or see what you can re-use from craft supplies you may already have. I’ve done macrame with embroidery thread, hemp, and cord, but you could try it with yarn, rope, ribbon, or leather. There are also many ways to add to macrame projects, such as buttons, jewelry charms, beads, sequins, paint (splatter, dots, stripes), washi tape, feathers, felt, and paper beads. It’s up to you to make these unique to you.

When choosing what to enclose in the macrame, the same thing applies – you don’t have to follow the pattern. If you want to include stones, you can think about what quality you want to carry with you – if you want protection, a hematite stone works, but if you want self-love, try a rose quartz stone. Do some research on various gems and precious stones and see what fits your personality. If you’d rather include something else, you can use a favorite bead, or trinkets gathered from various old outfits or memorabilia that aren’t wearable anymore, along with marbles, small plastic animals, bits of old jewelry, or something you found outdoors.

If this sounds right up your alley, you can find patterns in a variety of places, as previously mentioned. If a for-purchase pattern is your style, you can find a great one on Etsy, but if you’d rather watch a video tutorial, this one from YouTube is excellent. Of course, there are several tutorials with written instructions available, including one from Curly Made and at the links posted below from EcoCrafta and the Lune blog.