Crochet Celtic Coasters Pattern

Crochet Celtic Coasters Pattern

Want to try a new technique without learning a new crochet stitch? How about learning how to weave strips of crochet together to create a unique Celtic-inspired pattern? The Celtic Coaster pattern utilizes two or more colors to create a woven tapestry that looks good as a coaster, placemat, or table runner.

Now, although the stitches are simple, it is noted on the pattern that this is not for a beginner. You will be crocheting rectangular strips which will be woven together and it can be a little bit challenging. Once you get the hang of it though the squares come together pretty easily. You may want to fiddle with the rectangular strips for a little bit, but if you’ve ever done the kids’ craft project where you weave two different colors of paper together to make a heart, you’ll have a basic understanding of how the coasters are made.

This is a great stashbuster project as it uses very little yarn, and you can use whichever yarn you want as long as you have a hook that will give you the correct gauge. You don’t want a very loose or very tight stitch. The coasters should measure about 3 1/2 inches when completed. You can experiment with different textured yarns, various color schemes, and mixing the two to create coasters that match your event, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or Halloween. You can even add in other materials – t-shirt yarn, lace, or buttons. These are highly customizable coasters, able to dress up or down as you please.

If this looks like something you want to try, you can purchase the pattern from Rainbow Junkie on Ravelry. Or, if you’d prefer to learn how to make the coasters for free, there’s a great video tutorial on GuideCentral English’s YouTube channel. It also has subtitles if you prefer reading and viewing.

Crochet Celtic Coasters Pattern

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