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How to join Granny Squares with an invisible seam

Crochet June 21, 2017

How to join Granny Squares with an invisible seam

Now for something every knitter and crocheter should learn: how to join granny squares with an invisible seam. Why? What’s the point? Well, if you’ve ever seen a blanket made from granny squares, you’ve probably seen a few that aren’t well made…their squares sag, the stitches are loose, and it looks more like a yarn tangle than anything else. If you want to avoid that and make a blanket that looks cozy, chic, and crafty, you’ll want to learn this technique.

It isn’t even that difficult. All you need is a yarn needle, yarn (finer than the yarn you used for the project, but it can be of whatever color you choose, as it won’t show up in the finished product), and some scissors. That’s it. Three ingredients for a professional, pretty project that won’t make people cringe.

You don’t have to use this just for blankets, of course. You can utilize this skill for scarves, pillows, bags, wall hangings, placemats – anything you use granny squares for, really, and with how popular they are right now, your options are wide open with possibility.

Of course, it will take a few tries before you perfect the technique, but you will use it over and over, making it an excellent skill to have in your bag, whether you’re a knitter or crocheter. It’s well worth your time and once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with it on your own.

Intrigued? Want to use it in your next blanket? Head over to We Are Knitters and follow their excellent tutorial, complete with photos for each step.  If you try out this technique for a project, be sure and upload a photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #WeAreKnitters – WAK gives away 70€ worth of products each month and you could be the next lucky winner!

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