Beautiful Bead Embroidered Bugs

Beautiful Bead Embroidered Bugs

Bead embroidery is what you do when you really want to ‘sculpt’ a beadwork creation. And one of the bead embroider favorites is bugs and beetles! Also, a lot of beaded butterflies! These are sometimes just made with beads and wire, but many of them also feature a pretty stone as a base, usually a colored, patterned or textured stone that gives even more overall force to the piece.

These bead embroidered bugs are mostly from Russia and nearby places. Here’s a list of beaders making these bugs on the Russian LiveMaster site, where they sell them a lot like people in North America do on Etsy. Just keep in mind there is some delivery time involved, and shipping, when ordering from overseas! Even as inspirational ideas these are great bead projects to see though!

Here are some great embroidered bugs crafters to check out for these:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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