Chair Socks protect your Floors (free pattern)

Chair Socks protect your Floors (free pattern)

Do you want to know how to make these crochet chair socks? Maybe you rent an apartment and the landlord warned you when you moved in about the hard wood floors, or maybe you own your own house and want to care for your own. Hardwood floors are expensive and many people (not myself) like them completely smooth and unscratched. Here’s a DIY crochet pattern for those who want to protect their floors while also doing a creative crochet project!

The person who came up with the idea — Shahnaz at Wool Street Studio — thought of this crochet idea out of practical necessity, but then it developed into an exercise in attractive crochet.

Level: Beginner crocheter

Needed for this DIY crochet chair sock project:

hook (3mm), any yarn, scissors, sewing needle (probably one of the least demanding

Crochet techniques:

Single, Slip, and Chain

Now there are pattern considerations for making these in solid colors or stripes. The idea is you start in the center of the bottom of the sock and crochet a continuous spiral around and around until you have a crochet chair sock of your desired height. For this crochet pattern, visit Wool Street Studio (click here). Article printed here with permission of Blogunity, the original location of this blog. We are associated with Blogunity.

Yarn-Wrapped Monogram Letter - Make One at Home

How about an easy craft that will catch some eyes? This is a simple crafting project that takes about 30-60 minutes to pull off really well, and it’s fine for crafters of any level, and with really basic materials and skills.

It’s a yarn-wrapped monogram letter, and it’s the work of CatchMyParty who originally dubbed it their “Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter”. Who has a daughter, niece, or new baby in the family they can make one of these for? Or maybe make a whole word for a festive season?

All you need by way of materials is:

– Yarn
– Embellishments (cloth flowers or other if you want)
– Craft glue
– A wooden letter (or cardboard! You might double up a few layers of cardboard) which can be purchased from a crafting supply store, Amazon, or a hardware store, or you can make your own if you have a saw

Yarn-Wrapped Monogram Letter - Make OneThe way you go about it is simple: You start at one end with one color of yarn, and apply glue to the back of the letter for that section (you could apply glue to the whole thing, but its recommended you glue section by section, and then wrap the yarn around the letter until you get to where you want your next color).

For more from the crafters at CatchMyParty, click here.

Cute Christmas Snowmen

Here is a cute little project that is easy enough for children to do,  the supplies you will need are available at most dollar stores,  white felt, blue felt and your choice of colours for the scarf.  A package of little buttons, you can embellish with stars or sequiens, or any little extras you like.  The pattern could easily be drawn on a paper to made the size and shape you are wanting.  A little bit of yarn or embroidery thread to do the hand stitching, and a felt pen to draw on the carrot nose and the little black eyes, or if you are a stitcher you might want to embroider the carrot nose and little black eyes, you can use your imagination to make it your own design.  Have fun, nice for hanging on the tree or to add to a gift, tuck into a box of homemade cookies,  enjoy.

There is no pattern that I could find for this oHave funne, but the images seem to have originally come from a website called TheBest.

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